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Review To Us From Magazine

Headline: Super Spa at Super Prices

Deck: A visit to the newest spa in town will see you step into an exotic miniature palace and emerge feeling like royalty.

Byline: Nitya Shukla (Abode Magazine) 17 Oct 2011

Bodytext : This month I faced a unique challenge : to find a spa that was newly opened,  had amazing treatments and massage therapies and also had prices that did not raise your stress level afterwards! I found one- the Royal Thai Lady Spa.

    Located just ahead of the Villaggio mall on the Al Waab street, the Royal Thai Lady Spa will transport you into a different world once you enter. Beginning with the exotic interior, an actual replication of a royal palace in the Northern part of Thailand, with Lanna-style decorations, you feel as if you have left Doha. The photos show that this superb spa could just as well be covered for its design as its affordable and soothing treatments, with age-old Thai massage techniques that are world renowned for their pain-relieving powers.

The most attractive aspect of this fabulous place is that they offer a membership that greatly reduces the cost of all the treatments. You may also accumulate points to get a free spa treatment. It is definitely worth it.
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Had a wonderful experience this afternoon. It was my first time I really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere, great value for money. I would definitely go back.
Only in Doha
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A Review by Only in Doha!!

Naturally, I couldn’t post this competition without sampling the experience for myself first, so I went along to the spa earlier this week. This massage couldn’t have come at a better time. After two extremely stressful days at work and pulling my hamstring during football training the night before, I was very ready for some relaxation.

The spa is decorated in traditional Thai style, and just walking in there is a multi-sensory experience – intricate decor with gold filigree art along Buddhist lines, soft music playing in the background, lotus flowers generously scattered about this and the scent of essential oils.

I was greeted with typical Thai hospitality, asked to choose my scent (I went with eucalyptus), given a foot scrub, and led to the massage room by a friendly lady called Paula. I’ve had hot stone massages before, but not hot oil, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Paula took one look at me and said: “Where’s your pain?”. I told her about my hamstring injury, and she immediately said: “Your shoulders too.” She was right – I was carrying a lot of tension there.

Over the next 90 minutes, Paula managed to soothe both my body and my mind. When I arrived, my mind was overwhelmed with work anxiety. As Paula worked the knots out of my shoulders, my back and then each of my muscle groups in turn, I felt myself relax both physically and mentally; the problems of the day just slipped away. I didn’t quite fall asleep, but I certainly drifted a bit.

I would totally recommend this almost out-of-body experience to anyone who’s had a rough day, mums who have been dealing with back to school chaos, or anyone who is just in the mood for spoiling themselves a little.

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